Our Studio's

Preschool Classes

Class Description

Students are introduced to ballet basics and simple choreography to promote gross motor skill development in a fun, friendly setting. Children must be age 3 by September 1st. Parents stay in the waiting area and are often invited in to watch class. This class meets for the full dance year.


Monday (3&4 year olds)
Thursday (3 year olds)
Thursday (4 year olds)
Saturday (3&4 year olds)


Preschool: Black long-sleeved leotard, black tights, black ballet shoes (no ballet skirts or tutus).

Dancewear can be purchased at any local dance store:

  • Dancer’s Image in Newton
  • Dance This Way in Concord
  • Dancer’s Warehouse in Wellesley

Online resources include: Discountdance.com and dancewearsolutions.com.

Although any color and style leotard/tights may be worn to class, students will need the black attire listed above for performances.  Tie, knot, and cut the long strings off ballet shoes.

Gym shorts, pajama bottoms, sweatpants or oversized tops are not appropriate attire for class.

Hair must always be securely pulled off the face and neck during class.

Tuition per Semester

*Amount listed is paid upon registration and again in January


Preschool-8th Grade
Full Year Classes

35min Preschool class: $210
45min class: $220
60min class: $240
80min class: $310
90min class: $320

8 week Children's
Hip Hop Classes

35min class: $110
45min class: $120
60min class: $140