Our Studio's


I have been so fortunate to go through my dancing career at Creative Movement. Every student that gets the chance to step foot into their classes is truly lucky.
Lori K.
Creative Movement is a special place that fosters an unforgettable dance family. I wouldn't want it any other way.
Isabella C.
Thank you for making Creative Movement my second home and for allowing me to be a part of this incredible family.
Jessica C.
Creative Movement has taught me so much over the years and has allowed me to become a better dancer and person.
Siella A.
Compared to other studios, Creative Movement is just so great and special!
Robin M.
Mrs. Katie makes dance class fun for me
Lily C.
The teachers made dancing not only a hobby, but a passion too.
Jenny W.
My daughter loves going to dance here. Miss Katie is the best!
Maureen C.
Creative Movement has always felt like my home and that has a lot to do with Mrs. Katie and staff.
Michael G.
My daughter absolutely loves dancing at Creative Movement!! She's been going for almost 11 years!!!
Elizabeth D.
You won't find a better dance school! The staff of teachers are incredible and the performances are top notch!!
Mike I.
I spent many years growing into the person I am now at Studio of Creative Movement.
Lisa F.
Creative Movement has helped me realize the passion I have for dance and I can not thank them enough. The teachers are inspirational and their love for dance shines through as soon as I walk into the studio.
Gabriella C.